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Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Mathematics
University of Connecticut
341 Mansfield Road U1009
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-1009

Office hours: Webex only after 6PM or weekend. Let me know when you’d like to meet, I will send the invitation (this is for students in my courses).


If you are a student and interested in Data Science/AI, please be welcome to join either the Data Science Undergraduate Student Organization, or the Data Science Graduate Student Organization


Principal Data Scientist (industry), Adjunct Professor in Data Science & Engineering, HUPH Honored Professor, Google Faculty, Data Science & AI Leader

Research: Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Model Interpretability.

Projects: Various projects in Healthcare, Business Analytics, Customer Analytics, Energy Analytics, Facility Analytics, Cloud and System Performance, Cyber Security

Teaching activities:

– Statistics in the following MS programs: Business Data Analytics, Business Analytics & Project Management, and MBA

– Financial Data Mining & Big Data Analytics, and Financial Programming & Modeling in the following MS programs: Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics – Actuarial Science, and Financial Risk Management (modeling, in the past)

– Data Science Summer Boot Camp: Organized & managed the camp curriculum

– Signal Processing in Electrical & Computer Engineering undergraduate program (only Summers)

During my time at the university, I founded the Data Science Initiative back in 2015 together with Professor James Bridgeman (Former Director of the Financial Mathematics MS program), later changed to Data Science Lab ( with the Department of Mathematics, and helped create the foundations for academic programs in Data Science via designing curriculums for the undergraduate program (Individualized Data Science Major) and the MS program with UConn’s CETL, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and advising University executives the direction of Data Science at the University. I held the Interim Director of Data Science Graduate Program role with the Department of Mathematics from 2017-2019, and a faculty of the Individualized Data Science Major with the Department of Statistics. I lead several other international and institutional initiatives for the field of Data Science & AI, such as conferences for students at the University, student competitions hosted by Travelers, and the society community for data science and AI professionals and professors, etc. I work with Google to provide students with GCP resources for learning in the role of a program manager as well as a faculty, and with Amazon Academy for AWS resources.

Expertise: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Big Data, Optimization, Computational Finance, NLP, Image Processing, Image Recognition (2D & 3D), Image Reconstruction, Signal Processing, Software Engineering

Labs: Data Science Lab, and Husky AI Lab